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Random stuff has been happening lately.


Ok, so what’s up dear readers? I’ve been up to a bunch of random things lately so I’ll write them down just so I know what I was up to at this time of year later on.

First of all, I got a new job. I guess I’ll stop freelancing for the time being and focus on my new (awesome) job. Starting 2 weeks ago, I’ll be working as a “Graphic Developer” for the HNSC, which, is a fancy way to say I am a front end developer. I get to play with lots of javascript and are surrounded by amazing people I didn’t even know about! So yes, lots of new people and cool projects which might actually inspire me to build new and cool things on my own.

Second, I’ve been getting into javascript a lot lately. Like a serious lot. Even before my new job, I started reading and developing almost exclusively in javascript. I feel like I’ve been improving a lot constantly these past couple of weeks and am really happy about it. I’ve read and develop a lot, trying to get my vanilla javascript up to speed and I’ve been working with a lot of jQuery at work as well so that’s that. Today I built a jQuery plugin which, doesn’t do much but it’s exactly what I needed I’ll talk more about it once I figure out if I can release it as open source. That’ll hopefully happen soon.

Third, since I recently started working as a frontend developer, which is almost completely opposite from my old freelancing stuff where I focused on the backend, I decided to start a pears repository of stuff I use often just to keep mental notes and to share with you guys. You can find them here:

And I guess that’s basically it, school is as hard as usual, I am still pretty dumb and I get paid to program for 4 hours on a daily basis, I am doing pretty good these days.



From the website:

Firehose is a minimally invasive way of building realtime web apps without complex protocols or rewriting your app from scratch. Its a dirt simple pub/sub server that keeps client-side Javascript models in synch with the server code via WebSockets or HTTP long polling. It fully embraces RESTful design patterns, which means you’ll end up with a nice API after you build your app.

This looks great, it’s kind of like a meteor for Ruby, I am looking forward to playing with it when I get sometime.